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Annette Lochner, LMT, Owner
604 South Main Street
Newark, NY 14513
(315) 573-3549

"I am getting regular monthly massages, which has helped in many unexpected ways. The massage techniques have helped with tension and tight muscles, or course, but it has also helped with my arthritis, digestion and my sinus condition." ~M.F.

"If I didn't get massage, I wouldn't be able to move." ~C.C.

"Highly recommended for the ultimate in relaxation!" ~N.D.

"Targeted and regular therapeutic massage has allowed steady progress in my workout-exceeding my presurgical performance." ~R.B.

"I believe massage therapy has changed my life. Having a chronic illness has prevented me from performing some of life's simple tasks. I can attribute my overall improvement in health to my weekly massage." ~M.H.